We consult!  For twenty years Jane Martin and a team of freelancers have consulted and worked full time in Asia, Africa, America and Europe.

We bring an unusual mix of skills: media production, facilitation, participatory arts, and years of experience in international development in Asia and Africa, in addition to working in the UK and USA.

No crazy artists who don't understand the importance of participation and ownership - or that in the end you have to demonstrate outcomes and impact to donors. We do both. As crazy arty as we need to be, but with rigour, evidence and a rationale. Skills in a range of media mean that you won't be sold a photography project when theatre might work better, or an expensive video when you could do what you need with an iphone.

Browse through the project pages for an idea of previous manifestations of a client brief. Or just get in touch. All the best projects are tailor made and will be the better for your early input. We'll give you a page of potential solutions for free, anytime.





Media Production

Previous Clients

revious International Clients:

Water Aid, Theatre for a Change, FHI 360,  International Organisation for Migration, MSI (Marie Stopes International) , Plan Cambodia, Population Services International, Rockefeller Foundation, UNESCO, UNDP.

The great organisations less well known:

Creative Exchange, Farmer Livelihood Development, The Forge, Khana, Racha, Mlup Tapang, Panos, Social Services Cambodia, Zecora Ura.


While working full time, partnership projects with:

Amnesty International, Fairbridge, Media Support Solutions Afghanistan, , LIverpool City Council, National Working Group for Sexually Exploited Children and Young People, Panos, and Save the Children.

...and not forgetting a previous incarnation of arts work with GFVW, Her Take, The People Show, Total Theatre, Circusspace and Complicite.


Jane Martin is an associate of the wonderful organisations Oral Testimony Works and InsightShare and a member of the Communication for Development network.