Here's the beginnings of this one:

I use Charities Evaluation Services resources a lot. They're mostly free, clear and easy to understand.

I like working with Theory of Change and logic models , and these are good introductions:

Making Connections: Using a Theory of Change to Develop Planning and Evaluation

The Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide is another well-thumbed staple.

I also like using CES Planning Triangles when talking to artists about their work. The great "So that" or its challenging cousin "So what?" really helps people articulate why they do what they do.

CES's Resource Guide: Evaluating outcomes and impact has loads of good resources and will keep you out of trouble for a while.

This, I guess, is not strictly an M&E resource, but given that so many projects I've worked on talk about empowerment, I really rate it as a way of unpacking with power. And thus empowerment. It helps cut through a lot of the nonsense spoken about projects empowering people.

And last but not least  are the Triangle Consulting's Outcomes Stars. These I want to get the chance to try out at some point. I know one of the founders, and can recommend her as a teacher - I studied mindfullness meditation with her.