10 gaps experienced in daily life... Such first world problems.

1. I have backache exacerbated by carrying shoulder bags, because I can't find a rucksack that looks as good as my other bags.

2. London Transport used an Oyster card system where your daily expenses are capped at the same cost as a daily travelcard bought in advance. I never know how much I've spent during the day thus whether I should try to save money or take that extra bus journey knowing that the cost is going to be capped.

3. On the Underground I wish I could know which end of the platform to stand at so that I could walk more easily to the exit when I get off.

4. The signage in Elephant and Castle subway always gets me lost.

5 Why does the hard water stick to my shower panelso?

6 I wish there was a way I could be alerted to when my beloved Italian coffee pot was boiling over.

7 The UK postage system is too complex. I never know which one to get.

8 I currently don't have a pepper mill because each one I've bought over the years has broken. How do we make one that's more durable and doesn't cost a fortune?

9 I'm always needing to do clothes washes that aren't entirely full.

*** 10 I love to cook lots of different styles of  food (Sichuan, Mediterranean, Southern, Thai, Indian) that require many different ingredients, and also travel a lot so am always finding myself without the ingredients I need.

AuthorJane Martin


I love Evernote. I use it everyday for a multitude of tasks. Not just because it's highly functional, which it is, but also because I like the design. It's intuitive. The icons give clear suggestions of what they could be used for.  It works well across both mobile and desktop platforms, and syncs automatically.  It has a rare combination of functionality that addresses obvious existing needs, and suggestions to problems I hadn't thought of yet, but save time once I try them out. It's fun to play with.

Evernote on my laptop
AuthorJane Martin