In what way might I be able to do more of the things I enjoy when I'm away from home?

In what way might I be able to cook the things I want when I'm not at home?

*** In what way might I create a way to have the non perishable ingredients I need to cook my favourite foods away from home?

In what way might I have something that was like a lunchbox but filled with ingredients?

In what way might I create a stack of flexible pots of different sizes that hold ingredients?



Beginning with the challenge you addressed for yourself last week, refine the definition of the design problem using the five-whys methodology. Some definitions of the problem should be more specific and some more general than the one you addressed last week for yourself.


Please note that it is acceptable if your gap changes quite a bit from what you addressed last week. Indeed, it is even possible you will address some gap totally unrelated to what you did last week. While in an ideal world, your gap for this week would relate to what you did last week, it is easy to imagine situations where you might want to shift directions.

Articulate a hierarchy of problems, identifying with an asterisk (*) the statement you think would best serve as your course project. Please adopt the format "In what way might I ?"

For instance:

In what way might I...

improve mortality outcomes in the hospital
reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired infection
prevent the spread of microbes among patients
*increase hand washing among healthcare providers
make access to soap and water convenient
locate hand washing stations near patients


Create a blog post for the assignment on the Week #2 page titled Question 2.1 and post:

  • Your list of problem statements (at least five), arranged from most general to most specific, with the one you will focus on identified with an asterisk (*).
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