Your goal this week is to pick a single design concept.

Ideally you would base this decision on some kind of concept test with your target users.

However, you may not be able to decide on just one direction yet, and if that is the case, you may carry forward TWO concepts. Remember that carrying forward two concepts just means more work continuing to explore two different directions, so in the ideal case, you would narrow the solution concept to just one. So that your work is self explanatory and for the benefit of the peer reviewers, please provide the one-sentence problem statement for the gap you are addressing and a list of the primary needs for your artifact. (Recall that the primary needs are the bold statements associated with each cluster of needs in your list of needs. You’ll probably have 6-12 of these.) Your problem statement can be different from what you submitted last week. Remember that it is totally normal for the problem definition to evolve. Indeed, it is even possible that the gap you are addressing may change entirely.


Create a blog post on your Week #5 page with:

  1. The concept you are pursuing, with whatever refinements you have made to date. Ideally you will use what you have learned in the visual expression modules. (However, in some cases the domains you are working in will not lend themselves to sketching as we have taught it.) Make sure to annotate the concept so it is clear to your peer evaluators.
  2. A short description of the process you used to test your concept (or concepts) with target users. This may be a concept test in which you pose three alternatives and ask users to pick their preferred alternative. It could be a concept test in which you measure "purchase intent" with the five-point intention scale explained in the video. Really, the main objective is to show some users some concepts and/or prototypes and get their feedback.
AuthorJane Martin