From facilitating workshops with Cambodian teenagers to directing and interviewing thought leaders, we can make it happen.  Through extensive networks around the world, we work with small, non-invasive teams, single interviewer/camera, or full crews as needed. We work with you to develop the creative brief, hire production companies or freelance staff, ensure high levels of informed consent from participants, and manage the production processes and get you timely delivery of quality product.



Making Innovation Real

Director / Producer / Camera

Rockefeller Foundation 2013

Accelerating Innovation for Development

Director / Producer / Camera

Rockefeller Foundation 2012


Human Trafficking


Behavior Change Communication

Hy Sinh (Sacrifice)

Producer for IoM 20 min piece on sale  the sale of virginity in Cambodia, made with a trafficking survivor.

Directed by Andrew Pope

Five Lives

Producer for FHI 25 min piece on an HIV continuum of care in Cambodia.

Directed by Farhad Shadravan

Freedom Casino

Exec Producer for FHI
5 x 10min educational drama serial on HIVAIDS, subsequently broadcast on National TV.

Directed by Khmer Mekong Films


Participatory Video

TV Commercial

Sihanoukville's Steet Children
Producer for Andrew Pope / M'Lop Tapang
Directed by Andrew Pope

Participatory Video:

The Volunteer Teachers of Siem Reap

Facilitator/Designer for Plan Cambodia

Trained 15 young people with no experience to make their own video in one month.

PSB: Meet Number One Plus.
Production Manager for FIT Media/PSI
30-second National TV spot launching new condom and lubricant package